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Routes through the Marshes

At the exit of the town of Santoņa heading towards Berria, near the end of the canning plant, there is a road that leads along a dyke in the west- northwest (W-NW) direction.

This land belongs to the Borough Council of Santoņa. Continue along the dyke that separates the intertidal zone of the complex from the marshes belonging to the Borough Council.

In the inner area, which is partly separated from the tidal area, in the marshland of Solija (2) (locally known as Bengoa), are many species of ducks and cranes (depending on the time of year).

If you make the crossing at low tide, on the external part of the dyke, or the Boo canal (1), that has been formed by the tide, it is possible to identify the typical marshland plants, as well as many species of limicols, gulls, cranes and also the common spoonbills, that feed actively during this period.

On the contrary, at high tide, all these birds can be found resting inside the dyke and are much more difficult to observe. There is also the probability that if we discover a bird resting and try to get to close to it, it will fly off, since then they are resting they do not like people to come too close. After reaching the observatory, take the narrow path that separates the "hollows" of los Tarays (3) and Solija (2) that take us to the road. Taking great care, cross the road and then a meadow along the edge of the "hollow" of Dueso (4), until you reach the barracks with the same name.

Here, again take the path along the marsh where, depending on the time of year, if you bend down, you will see different species of ducks and cranes, coots and moorhens. After reaching the end of the prison wall, cross the road (again taking great care) towards the quarry. There, continue along behind the lagoon of Sorbal (5), the only freshwater lagoon in the entire marshland in the township of Santoņa, where you will see coots, dabchicks and ducks.

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